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SENS - dynamisk mätning av anställdas engagemang

Bedöm nivån på engagemang och lojalitet, samla in feedback från anställda som arbetar på kontoret och på distans..

What makes us different?


We used Inbox Zero mentality to create our own approach, which encourages to start learning straight away from the home screen. Sens navigates employees through assigned trainings when it’s due.


We’ve built only the features that you really need and packed it into a beautiful web-based app. It works smoothly on any device, providing user-friendly experience across all platforms.


We developed a gamified process which keeps employees engaged, entertained and motivated. Finally, e-learning feels interesting and rewarding.


In our app, employees can work towards the rewards, which really matter to them. Users can “purchase” the tailor-made rewards for points earned.


Each department or business unit has its leader-board, which enables to see how individual employee is performing compared to the peers.


As a manager, you get detailed statistics about how the company is doing education-wise, along with tailored AI insights on pain points and possible improvements.


  • Intuitive visual course editor
  • AI assistant
  • Employee leaderboard
  • Reward store
  • Performance Insights

Create courses

Create your content

Add media type which works best, images, video or upload already existing course.

Select the pass score

Those who fail will be reminded to take the test in a week.

Set the flow

Set up the order for your courses.

Make it worth their while

Add previews and images to each course to make it look appealing and worth the time of your employees.

Deliver news

Write it

Create beautifully looking news for any occasion.

Create a target

Target the news at specific audience within your company: newcomers, sales department or contractors.


Create labels which reflect the essence. Is it a must read? Label it respectively.

Have you read it?

Employees swipe right to confirm that they have read the most important news.

Target the right group


Creating group with newcoming members will allow to deliver specific trainings and news directly to fresh employees.


Create groups which correspond to your company’s structure and keep them busy with the relevant courses.

Compare & act

See how business units are performing compared to each other and act accordingly, using the insights generated by Sens AI Assistant.

Engage & Motivate

Reward points

Employees get points every time they pass the training or read the news, the better the result - the more points to redeem.


Education works best when is competitive and rewarding. The higher and longer employees hold top positions - the more points they get.


Efforts x Skill = Results, which converts to rewards for the most industrious employees.

Reward Store

The manager creates rewards and defines its worth measured in points. Employees redeem their points against meaningful rewards. SOON

Dashboard & Insights

Helicopter view

Allows to see aggregated data on how Sens App is used on all levels of your organization. Stay up to date.

Training view

Dive deep into insights of how each training is passed by employees/departments, learn the most common answers and mistakes. Act on it.

Employee view

All individual learning attempts and actions are tracked in the system, shaping a digital learning profile of each employee. Export it for your 1 on 1 session.

AI view

Sens AI assistant analyzes results of each employee and organization as a whole, detects learning patterns and produces actionable insights and tips. It's your "hey Siri" for e-learning. SOON
Last week sales department passed 25 % more tests, but the average score dropped by 1.5 points.



Need to teach your employees to use basic corporate software? Visit Sens Marketplace, select curated courses and assign it to your study group. It can be something hands-on as "SAP ERP advance course" or a soft skill training.

Employee AI tutor

Deploy Sens AI tutor for your employees to help them get through the learning faster and more efficiently. It will analyze individual patterns and create the learning algorithm, optimal for each individual.


Want to know employee satisfaction rate or loyalty to brand? You can dynamically track it and add further indicators using Sens Survey feature.

Knowledge base

Store all of the company's learning material in one place, easily accessible and always at hand.

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